As we humans have evolved, so have our homes. Our houses have become more like guardians of our spirit—living, breathing relations than mere forms of shelter.

So many of our happiest memories are attached to the various homes where we’ve lived since childhood—perhaps, forbidden fun like whooshing down the banister, or how the sun drenched the walls of the “front” room with a golden light, or unexpected places where our children played, such as dormers and alcoves, or rooms that offered privacy and other rooms that welcomed guests.

Knowing a house well and forming an attachment to its atmosphere and spirit is one of our earliest experiences with intimacy. It’s that intimacy with “place”—the sense that a house will share its secrets and its blessings—that make a house a “home.”

We at Classic Homes, are pleased to get involved with our clients as they plan their house. We learn the special places and environments our customers seek, enabling us to share in that heartfelt emotion for each new home we build. Only you can breathe your special life into your new home, but our goal is to provide you with the best house in which to do it.

Susan White
Classic Home Building